Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Wow, it's Earth Day already. I remember celebrating the fact that I'd won tickets to go see Disney's "Earth Day" like it was yesterday. But here we are again, another year, another birthday for Mama Earth.

What are you doing to celebrate? Are you gathering up a bunch of recyclable stuff? Or perhaps purchase eco-friendly bags at the grocery store to eliminate your use of plastic ones? Speaking of eco-friendly bags, Target is giving out free ones this week, one per family, per purchase and they are awesome.

I celebrated Earth Day by working in my yard. I pulled tons of weeds, raked my little heart out, dug in the dirt, and planted oodles upon ooddles of flowers. My husband says I "have a problem" when it comes to flowers. This translates to he thinks I buy too many. My response was that perhaps people will be distracted by our beautiful flowers and see past the awful, nasty grass that needs some serious attention from my husband (Michael, if you're reading this, remember I love you!).

I spent about three hours in the yard yesterday and another three hours today. Let me tell you, .23 acres is bigger than it seems. So for those of you considering buying a home, pay attention to your lot size and keep in mind that you will be caring for it so don't bite off more than you can mow :)

Don't worry, I just took a long hot bath and downed a bunch of drugs so hopefully my muscles won't be too stiff tomorrow. I'm hoping I can still sit and walk and all that good stuff. But I guess I can't complain. Got a good work out in today without going to the gym and I got to do it all outside.

I hear it's supposed to get cold and nasty this weekend. I hope all the cute petunias I planted don't go into shock. But that's spring in Utah I suppose. However, if it's going to rain then bring it on. We need all the water we can get. So Mama Earth, I know it's YOUR birthday and all, but could you be so kind to send us some water? I know the little flowers I just planted will appreciate it :)

Whatever you're doing to celebrate, be green and enjoy!

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  1. No pressure but really this is your last blog post - get out of the yard and back into your house and tell me all about what is going on with you...