Thursday, March 4, 2010

And I Still Cringe

In my previous position, I worked with a total asshole who drove a black Infinity sedan. I hated this guy with a passion. He was the epitome of every quality I despise in a person, all wrapped up in a smug, self-indulgent package.

Well today, I was running some errands and as I turned into the post office to mail something off, I saw a similar black Infinity sedan parked in one of the stalls. And I cringed. And immediately I was disgusted. I haven't worked at this company for over a month and something as simple as a black car still stirs up the hatred in me for this sorry excuse of a man.

Isn't it funny how we associate objects with emotion and can assign them to people? A black Infinity sedan no more defines this asshole than a color, shape, or size or anything for that matter (although if I were to see a giant jack-ass walking around like a pompus idiot that doesn't know the difference between its head and its ass, I would venture to say that it too would remind me of this inept loser).

Needless to say, I will never purchase a black Infinity as long as I live. Nor will my husband. And if I ever do see the specific black Infinity that belongs to this asshole, I can guarantee I won't be able to stop myself from letting the air out of the tires.

Just sayin' is all :)

P.S. You will notice I didn't not put a picture of this car on this post. Specifically because it drums up too much hatred and I might have a hard time controlling myself. Know your limits people ;)

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