Friday, February 19, 2010

Put Those Records On...

I've been spending a lot of time going through my music and updating my iTunes library. When we moved, I disconnected my desktop computer which housed (along with my external hard drive) a plethora of music. I never did reconnect my computer once moving into the new house because I had my laptop (and my desktop was an ancient beast that was no longer performing up to par). However, even though I had my wonderful lap top and began adding new music to my iTunes rather quickly, I still had a few oldies but goodies in my old music library that I wanted to transfer over. Thus began Operation Transfer.

I basically copied all the music files off my old PC and dumped them right into my iTunes on my laptop, and with that came two and a half days of cleaning out my iTunes as well. I had TONS of songs and albums that I just don't listen to anymore, nor have any interest in keeping. However, there were some gems that I stumbled upon in the mess of mp3's that are definitely worth keeping. Therefore, I've put together a little compliation below of albums that you might want to consider blasting the next time you have a road trip or just need some good music time.

First up, we have Gavin DeGraw and his two albums Chariot (2003) and Gavin DeGraw (2008). LOVE LOVE LOVE both of these albums. He has such a great voice and there isn't one song on either of these albums that I don't enjoy. Can't go wrong with this artist. I went to one of his concerts and loved the fact that he sounded just as good live as he does on his recordings. Now that's talent folks. IN THE RAW.

Next up is Jem who is a very talented singer born in Wales. This girl's music kicks ass. If you want to read more about her, or hear a sample of her kick ass music, you can visit her official site here. Basically, if you are looking for something a little saucy, a little different, and yet something you can't seem to stop listening to for you want to be addicted to the melody and rhythm, this is your girl. I love her album Finally Woken and am going to purchase her new album in iTunes atfer I get done with this post (not kidding).

Have you ever found yourself on the beach, perhaps soaking up the rays of the sun while luke warm water gently caresses your feet, and you think to yourself  "I really need some good music to accompany this perfect view"? Well fear not, here are two perfect artists for any coastal vacation. Relaxing, jazzy, and that perfect beach towel accessory: Amos Lee and Tyrone Wells. You can't go wrong with ANY of their albums. That's right, I said it. ANY.

 James Morrison- Nuff said. He's awesome. Feel good, pick me up songs, and even some perfect melodies for when you're down in the dumps. His two albums Undiscovered and Songs for You, Truths for Me are the perfect distraction from any stressful day and you'll find yourself singing his songs in your head over and over (in a good way).


And you can never go wrong with a little Duffy. The girls got mad skills. I've been playing this one straight through:

And I am in love with Eva Cassidy. I even selected one of her songs Song Bird as my first dance with Michael and our wedding. He introduced me to her music and I fell in love instantly. It's sad though because she passed away from cancer before she ever got famous. Do yourself a favor and give her a listen. If you love Norah Jones (as I do) you will find yourself loving every melody of Eva.

 Other favorites include anything Norah Jones, Bon Jovi, T.A.T.U., Adele, James Blunt, Jason Maraz, John Mayer, Michael Buble, Pink, Nickelback, Train and so much more. Who are some of your favorites? I'm always open to recommendations :)

Happy Listening!

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