Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And Now for Your Entertainment...

Why is it when people go to the movies they can't seem to abide by two simple rules:
  1. Turn off your cell phone. This means TURN IT OFF. Do not text, do not make a call, do not answer a call (if it's off, you shouldn't even be getting a call). If you can't handle 2 hours of cell-phone free entertainment, then you're probably not a good candidate for going to see movies in the theatre. Just rent them and stay at home (you'll be doing the rest of us a huge favor, really).
  2. SHUT UP! I didn't pay to listen to you talk about your boyfriend, the latte you had this morning at Starbucks, or how your brother knows someone who knows someone who is related to what's his face in the movie. I paid to watch the movie, free of your voice and commentary. So stuff that hole in your face with some popcorn or something (whatever it takes, just shut it).
Thanks for your cooperation.

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