Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What Do Crazy People and Gas Stations Have in Common?

What is it with me and gas stations? I swear, every time I stop in to fill up, some crazy lunatic is there. Remember the "Have your servants do it" guy? Well today was creepy bike guy.

I leave my house for work this morning and my gas light comes on. Living only a few short blocks from a convenient store, I pull in to fill up my tank. As soon as I insert the nozzle into the gas tank, I notice a strange oriental guy sitting on his bike at the entrance of the store, just staring at me. "Here we go again" is exactly what I'm thinking.

I continue to fill up my car and he continues to stare. To the point that I'm getting uncomfortable. Obviously, his purpose of being there wasn't to go inside the store, but rather, to sit and watch. Oh, and he kept looking around as if he were taking notice of how many people were in the parking lot and paying attention.

Then, he starts to pedal his bike and rides right up to the front doors of the store. He acted as if he were going to actually park his bike in one of the parking spaces meant for cars. But he just stayed on his bike. He sat there looking in the store like he was deciding if he should go in or not. He kept looking to his left, his right, and behind him like he was casing the joint. It was at this point when he looked behind him that he noticed I was watching him. In fact, he was so aware that I was watching him that he turned his bike around.

At this point, I was going to leave. Even though my car wasn't quite full yet, this guy was creeping me out and I didn't want to be around when something went down. But just as I was about to pull the gas nozzle out of the tank, he rode past my car and looked at me while saying "What's up?".

I politely said, not much and then quickly hung the nozzle back up and sealed my tank. I then rounded my car and got inside, immediately pushing the lock button for the doors. I started my car and flipped around so I could exit and there he was, sitting on his bike in the exact same place he was when I had just started to fill up my car. He was doing the same thing too. Looking around, seeing who was there, who had noticed him, etc...

As I pulled out so I could exit, he waved at me. I ignored him and drove off. He seriously gave me the creeps. And although I don't know what he was up to, I can tell you it wasn't anything good. I didn't want anything to happen so I decided to call the police and report this strange behavior. However, I didn't have the number to the station. And not wanting to call 911 (because you should only use that number in the case of an emergency), I called my husband at work and had him look up the number for me.

I'm going to program this number into my phone. This is probably something everyone should do. Figure out which police station is closest to your home and program the non emergency number in your phone. That way, when you're in a situation like I was in this morning, you aren't without a number to call. I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier, but now I know I'll never be looking for the number again.

Nor will I ever be filling up with gas at this creepy station either. Not sure why, but I run into all the crazies there.

Tip: When you know you're going to call the police to report something, make sure you pay close attention to details. Things like height, weight, hair color, clothing, etc... they ask a lot of questions and the more details you can remember, the easier it is on the police.

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