Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thank You for NOT Smoking

I was gonna write a big ole long rant about how I was gagging in the bathroom at the hospital today when I went to have my echocardiogram done (because upon entering the restroom, there was this woman in there who, just by the smell of her clothes alone, made the entire bathroom smell like a 50 year old bar full of smoke and I had to hold my breath the entire time I was in there; and, when I got out I smelled my own clothes to make sure I didn't smell like the ashtray I just walked out of). Thank God she didn't get into the elevator with me because I probably would have coughed up a lung. Was she unaware that she was in the Heart and Lung unit at the hospital?! For crying out loud, there are people walkin' around this place with oxygen tanks just dying for a good solid breath of fresh clean air, and here she's traipsin' around with a cloud of ash for an aura.

But rather than go on some big ole long rant (hehehehe), I'll just let the title of this blog speak for itself. Cuz really, it says it all. Pretty nicely too, if you ask me.

So once again, thanks in advance for (let's say it all together now) NOT SMOKING!

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