Monday, July 27, 2009

When Rules Apply to Everyone BUT Me

I just love coming back from lunch and driving all over the damn parking lot in search of an empty spot. What I love even more is ending up in the one vacant spot that couldn't possibly be further from the building entrance.

But what I love the most is making the long trek across the the miserable, scorching hot blacktop in route to the double doors of my building (it's so damn hot right now that I'm seeing mirages of a tropical oasis inhabited by beautiful men ready and willing to serve me ice cold Dr. Peppers from silver platters while wearing nothing but little leaves to cover up their you-know-whats). As I'm barely surviving this long, hot journey to the double doors, I'm lucky enough to witness some jerk off whip his BMW into one of the green vehicle/car pool parking spaces located just mere steps from THE DOUBLE DOORS.

Now, there are big ole, hard to miss images painted on the blacktop of each of these designated parking stalls to remind employees that these specific spots are reserved for those who either:

A- Drive a green vehicle
B- Carpool

Mind you, the douche-tard I just saw is:
A- Driving a BMW (which is NOT considered a green vehicle)

B- Driving by himself (which does not qualify him to park in the carpool lane)

Tell me, when did the rules of society become optional?

I also love getting to work on Monday morning and driving all over in search of a parking space only to see that 75% of all the spaces marked "Reserved for VP" (which are also front row spaces) are empty.

Boy, I can't wait to be all growed up with a big girl job so the rules of parking and going to work don't apply to me either.

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