Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm too Pretty for this Job

Jessica Biel needs to shut.the.hell.up.Amen.

Apparently, Jessica is so beautiful, she's getting passed up for A-list acting roles (according to her pretty self).

Seriously? Too pretty?

Wow, I can think of a plethora of A-List actresses who have landed great LEADING roles, and are much more stunning than Justin Timberlake's boyfriend, Jessica.

I wonder who takes longer to get ready in the morning. Really, I do. I actually sat here and thought to myself "I wonder if it takes Jessica longer to do her hair than Justin." Their bathroom counter must be full of hair products.

And then I realized, I really don't care how long it takes either one of them. In fact, Jessica probably doesn't care either because she's so beautiful, she can afford NOT to do her hair and STILL get passed up for roles.

Excuse me, I think I may lose my lunch.

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