Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Green Thumbs and Sore Body Parts

We worked all weekend. The bedroom downstairs is almost finished, and the yard is coming along. Still have stuff to plant, weeds to pull, grass to mow, but it's looking nice and feeling more and more like home.

I'm actually excited because last night I planted a bunch of English Ivy in my backyard. My hope is that it will grow quickly and climb the fence and side of the house. I have always loved the yards that have the overgrown ivy climbing fences and walls. There's something so cozy and beautiful about it. And because my backyard faces north, it provides the perfect environment for this lush plant. I also planted some Vinca ground cover which should spread quickly and fill in the corner by the fence that needs some color. I'm going to take pictures to mark the progress of my plants. Yes, I'm a nerd, but a nerd with a green thumb :)

Michael and I are also making plans to put in a water feature off of our deck. We have the perfect spot for it, and it will be nice to sit on the deck and listen to the trickling water. Therefore, I planted ivy here too. I'd love for it to climb the sides of the deck and wall behind the fountain that we'll probably put in next month.

It's a ton of work, and every muscle in my body aches from spending three whole days on my knees pulling weeds and planting. My arms are also very weak from using the giant clippers to give the trees and bushes a much needed haircut. I seriously need like a two hour massage (hint hint because my birthday is in two weeks). Last night I downed some Tylenol PM to take care of the aches and pain, and crashed out at 10:00. But all the while I know I'm burning calories, building muscle, and beautifying our home which makes me extremely happy :)

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