Thursday, April 9, 2009


  1. Life is too short to spend it sitting at a desk all day.
  2. I need to figure out a way NOT to spend 80 hours a week sitting at a desk.
  3. I was meant to be near the water.
  4. Sleeping in can be the most wonderful thing in the world.
  5. Nothing is better than cuddling with a sweet puppy.
  6. Lost is the best TV show ever.
  7. Dr. Pepper is nectar from the Gods.
  8. I wish I would have done some things differently.
  9. Dwelling on past decisions isn't healthy.
  10. Buying a house can feel like the first major step in becoming a real true grown up.
  11. My mom will always be the one person I can talk to about anything.
  12. I confuse myself.
  13. Decisions can take a long time to make.
  14. I won't live in Utah forever.
  15. It's okay to have regrets, as long as you learn from them.
  16. I'll never be a patient person.
  17. I wish I had more energy.
  18. Finishing a good book can be so fulfilling.
  19. Music is a wonderful outlet.
  20. Sometimes a long talk with a good friend can fix anything.

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