Thursday, April 2, 2009

Free Car Anyone?

Every Thursday there is a group of us at work who go to lunch together. We're all from different departments so these are people I don't see every day. I love this group and I find myself looking forward to our Thursday outings, spending time with them, and getting out of the office for a much needed break. Although every lunch is enjoyable and often comical, today takes the cake. Let me explain.

Today we met in the lobby as usual and determined where to eat. Tammy offered to drive and soon we were off to our destination. The conversation and zucchini stick appetizers were very much enjoyed by all, and the waitress did a great job of keeping our drinks full and fresh. When it came time to leave, we gathered up our coats and purses and headed for the door. However, we came to a halt in the lobby of the restaurant as Tammy scoured her purse in search of keys. Now everyone knows that a woman's purse is a place where usually anything, no matter how random, can be found. You need tissue? Hand sanitizer? Gum? Sure no problem. How about a finger nail file, clippers, hair brush, or lip stick? Band aid? Hair elastic? Mirror? Here you go. Chocolate? Have that too. Magazine? You betcha. Book to read when you're done with the magazine? Gotcha covered.

Needless to say, when Tammy started digging around looking for her keys, nobody panicked. We knew she was delving into the depths of a land where any and everything could be found, so obviously a search for keys might take a minute or two. Or five. Or ten... Tammy? Where are your keys?

She had gone through her purse thoroughly. I know because I watched her. She took everything out, put it all back again (something I'm sure every one of you have done at least once this week, if not each day). She checked her pockets. I even walked back to where we were seated to see if by some chance she had placed her keys on the table, but no keys were in sight.

Getting worried, Patrick offered to run out to the car to see if by some chance Tammy had locked her keys inside the vehicle. We anxiously awaited his return. He did return, but with a better explanation than any of us could have imagined.

Tammy not only left her keys in her Jeep, she left the Jeep running AND the driver's side door open. Let me say that again so that I can emphasize exactly how nuts and unbelievable this was. Tammy left her keys IN THE IGNITION, left the jeep RUNNING, and the DRIVER'S SIDE DOOR OPEN.
IN WEST VALLEY of all places.

Now if you're from Utah and have any inkling about what kind of place West Valley is, you know how amazing it is that this woman could leave her vehicle not only unlocked, but running with the driver's side door open and nobody managed to drive off in her car. I mean, this is WEST VALLEY for crying out loud. This city is on the news every night for some crazy crime.

How does one manage to leave their vehicle in such a state? I blame stress. We've all been there at one point or another, where our brains are so maxed out that we begin doing stupid things like putting milk away in the pantry while shoving the cereal box in the fridge without stopping to question what's wrong with this situation. Have you ever spent 20 minutes looking for something only to realize that you've been holding that something you were looking for in your hand the entire time? At my last job I had to inform one of my co-workers that he actually came to work wearing one brown shoe and one black shoe.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. Even though we all had a hearty good laugh on our way back to the office, I think we'll all benefit from a long relaxing weekend. I know Tammy will :)


  1. Was it you that I called one night on my way home from your house to ask you if I had left my cell phone at your house and I was calling you from it? Yeah, I'm a total spaz. Tell Tammy I can totally relate.

  2. We've been packing things up at the apartment for the past couple of weeks for the move...and last night Kacie was boxing up our dishes. Then CSI came on, and she got distracted. At the end of the show she went back to packing, but she couldn't find the dessert plates. We turned the entire apartment upside down looking for them, and we still haven't found them! They're not in the packing box, they're not in the cupboards, not in the freezer, or on any shelves.

    It's a mystery...