Friday, March 27, 2009

An Epilogue...

Not having anything particular to say today, I decided a trip back in time might be fun, so I'm sharing a poem I wrote about Michael before I actually met him in person. We had been talking for about a month at this time over the phone, internet, through email, chat, etc... and somehow I just had this feeling. I couldn't decribe it, but I knew my life was about to change, and for some reason I wasn't scared about it but rather, excited.

I really love this piece and I've read it several times since I wrote it and have left it untouched- which is pretty significant for me because when I happen to revisit my pieces, I always find a reason to edit this or change that. That being said, I decided to post what I consider an "oldie but a goodie" from my writing reverie:

An Epilogue...

It was a journey I had taken, long ago in my mind,
A fate richly deserved linked to a destiny denied
A solemn, tempting sweetness of which I only had a taste
My plate crashing to the floor in weakness
Sugar melting in the heat of haste

I tried to regain the feeling through expeditions incomplete
I wound up cold and broken on the dark and hollow streets
I searched for missing pieces to make my body whole
But all I found was temporary, a thrift shop for my soul

I almost gave up looking, fragile from previous attempt
But there was a softness hidden in ocean eyes,
Shielded by the secrets they once kept
An honesty untainted, too prominent to regret
A gentleness so subtle, too familiar to forget

It was when I wasn't looking or even trying to find
That he came along and took me, body, soul, and mind
And willingly I go, eager to be led
By this hand so strong and handsome, yet soft enough to mend

I feel the pieces gathering, longing to be set free
A release of the shards protruding that have alienated me
A patchwork canvas painted with colors of my past
Will hang in an empty hallway, as I shut the door at last

A journey to be started, a renaissance of time
A fate richly deserved linked to a destiny that is mine
A solemn, tempting sweetness, no other I wish to taste
My plate crashing to the floor in weakness
Hearts melting in the heat of pace

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